HBO Nearing Deal For Harry Potter TV Show

Harry Potter TV show is looking closer than ever to be happening! Bloomberg reports that Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO are nearing a deal to produce a new live-action adaptation of the iconic wizard book series.

The report reveals that the Harry Potter TV show would adapt one book per season. It’s the studio’s hope for the HBO show to become a major “cornerstone” of a new streaming strategy that Warner Bros. Discovery is working on.

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling would reportedly be involved in “ensure it remains loyal” to her original material. However, Rowling would not have a position as showrunner and would not be involved on a day-to-day basis.

The series would allow a writer’s room to explore more of the world of Harry Potter and even cover areas the films weren’t able to do. Since the deal hasn’t been formally signed yet, time will tell when they will announce the Harry Potter properly. If a deal is made, casting would likely not even begin until a creative team is in place.

A Harry Potter TV show would be a huge addition for HBO as they already have Game of Thrones with House of the Dragons, The Last of Us, Succession, Euphoria, and many more.

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