Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Unboxed

The Marvel Report’s Gavin Richter unboxes the latest box from Collector Corps – the Spider-Man box!

Webhead fans should love this box, as every item in the box IS Spider-Man.  When you first open the box you’ll see a cool Spider-Man patch and pin (customary in Collector Corps boxes).  This month’s box art is really cool as well.

Just one Funko figure that’s included this month and it’s a cool “wall crawling” Spidey, and comes with a clear base to keep him up off of the surface. I like the action posed figures better than the “museum pose” like the majority of the Funko Pop figures are made.

Marvel Collector Corps Spiderman

The comic book that comes in this month’s box has Funko Spidey posed in the same pose as the included Funko figure, which is really cool.

Also included is a “Fabrikation” Spider-Man (which Gavin was unable to read because yes, they no longer teach cursive in schools).  It’s a bigger, plushie Spider-Man and it’s adorable!

My favorite item in the box is the hat.  It’s a super nice Funko Spider-Man hat and it’s a nice change of pace from the tee shirts.  As someone who wears baseball hats all the time, I’m hoping to see more of these in the future.

Finally the reveal of the next box, which is no surprise – Doctor Strange!  The Doctor Strange box comes out in October, just ahead of the movie release which is November 4th.  We just picked up our SDCC exclusive Doctor Strange Funko Pop from Gamestop and it’s awesome!  We can’t wait to see what is next from Collector Corps!

Marvel Collector Corps Doctor Strange