About Multiverse Of Color

Welcome to Multiverse of Color – formerly known as The Marvel Report – a re-formed multi-media entertainment outlet dedicated to all the corners of television, movies, comics, video games, podcasts, streaming, and more from diverse journalists and content creators. While initially started as a Marvel-focused outlet in 2015 by entertainment journalist and podcast producer Andy Behbakht, Multiverse of Color is a new direction for this outlet as we go beyond just the Marvel universe.

Multiverse of Color is also the new home for DC TV Podcasts – a podcasting network that has been up and running since 2015, bringing you high-quality podcasts about the many DC TV shows from Warner Bros. TV. The #1 podcasting network is now getting a new home as DC Studios is bringing a new DC Universe to life on the big and small screens. Through Multiverse of Color, we strive to cover an endless amount of entertainment franchises from various perspectives and insights.

Multiverse of Color’s logo and artwork was created and customized by the talented graphic designer and video editor Julian Bell.