Ghost Rider

Avengers Academy Character Profile: Robbie Reyes AKA Ghost Rider

Thanks to Robbie Reyes showing up in live action his version of Ghost Rider was brought into Avengers Academy to help the heroes deal with Mephisto opening a literal portal into Hell. He is the first character you have the opportunity to get in the event. He was a premium character but he was definitely worth the price of entry since you could use him almost immediately to fight the demons walking, more like floating really, around the school. Also, he does make reference to Johnny Blaze a few times especially since one of the items you could get was his bike.

In terms of his looks, he mostly resembles that of his comic counterpart and less like Gabriel Luna, but that is the case for all of the characters in Avengers Academy as they closely resemble the comic counterparts rather than their live action ones. (Only exception to that rule is Coulson of course) At Rank 1 he has a buzzed haircut with one of his eyes orange and the other green. He wears a short sleeve black hoodie/shirt with his signature white rectangle on it. Rank 3 his appearance changes with him now wearing a jacket and he gains an orange flame on his head, not so good for his scalp health that’s for sure. And at Rank 5 he is at his full Ghost Rider form.

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Since unlocking him he has played a minor role in the 2 events following the Halloween event. Even Odin asked for his help in regards to the Casket of Ancient Winters, mainly because he is literally on fire.

“I’m entrusting these to you because they are our one chance at winning…”
“And also because you are the only one who actually can hold them.”

Have you already unlocked Ghost Rider? Are you hoping that they bring him back in the future?