Kotobukiya Super Deadpool Statue

Kotobukiya Super Deadpool Statue Unboxing and Review

Kotobukiya Super Deadpool Statue Unboxing and Review.  Gavin and I first saw this statue at the Kotobukiya booth at Wondercon and it stopped us both in our tracks.  While statues make for great collectibles, typically a statue is just a one look, one pose deal.  But this is Deadpool we’re talking about.

First let’s start with the size – this is a 1/6 scale statue meaning that if he were standing upright, the Kotobukiya Super Deadpool statue would be 12″ tall.  But being Deadpool, a standing upright stoic type of pose just wouldn’t do.  Instead, he’s atop a large base, weapons drawn and ready to jump right out of the box and into your home.

Kotobukiya Super Deadpool Statue

In comparison to other Kotobukiya products like the popular Art FX+ line, the base alone just just as tall as some of the Art FX+ figures.  With Deadpool on top of the base, the finished product stands at about 17″ tall!  This piece is full of badassery, and is so in your face that it demands your attention the instant you see it.

Unlike your typical statue piece, the Kotobukiya Super Deadpool statue comes with all sorts of goodies that give you a ton of flexibility when displaying it in your home.  There are three trays full of hands, swords, guns and other Deadpool deliciousness.  And there is even an afro.

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Yes, I said an afro.  A red one in fact.  If this surprises you, need I remind you that we are talking about Deadpool, so literally nothing should surprise you.  Despite the fact that it is a statue, and there is no articulation of the figure itself, there are a ton of options for exactly how you can display this figure.

For a more in depth look at the Kotobukiya Super Deadpool Statue, here is our video review.


Visit the Kotobukiya website to see more on the Super Deadpool Statue, which retails for $149.99.  Click here to see all of the Marvel goodies that Kotobukiya.