Avengers Academy Armor Wars

Avengers Academy Armor Wars Event Guide

As mentioned in my last update post, the Avengers Academy Armor Wars event has begun. A bit late on this but hopefully this will help you through Part 1 before time’s up. So here we go!


As mentioned before, after Vulture was defeated we found out that he sold parts and suits to the likes of Whiplash, Crimson Dynamo, and Yellow Jacket. And now they have set their sights on the Academy in hopes of tearing Stark down a peg or two.

And Tony is totally going to hit on her at some point.

The event district is laid out into 3 parts with Crimson Dynamo smack in the middle. Definitely the most minimalist that we’ve seen in awhile.

*inserts stuck in the middle joke here*


Now the thing is that once you pummel the villains enough they will inevitably join the school and Crimson Dynamo will be available as part of the story if you miss her this time around.

This looks interesting

But first, you need to take them down and to do that you’ll need to get through some repurposed Stark droids, and before you ask Ultron is not behind this. He already did that and saw the error in his ways.

Remember that he turned over a new leaf after being pummeled a lot.


The available costume for this chapter is the Iron Wasp. Yes, Wasp is finally getting an Iron suit. You can tell she’s super excited by this suit, then again she always is excited. Essentially one of her best costumes yet, this allows you to get past one of the roadblocks in the VS section of the event. To get the costume you will need 8 reinforced wings from Dum-E, 6 Bee Venom from the VS Europe Map, 35 sugar cookies from the mission board, 7 jetpacks from Iron Man’s lab, and 1500 Iron Scraps from just general event play.

She’s so smug right now.


For this first part of the event, I think a total of 2 characters are available to help in this fight. If you already have War Machine then you’re also off to a better start with this event. The first character is Iron Lad. He knows about Kang and all of his misdoings but this is the pre-Kang version. To recruit him you will need 70 peanut butter cookies from the mission board, 15 jetpacks from Iron Man’s lab, 6 neutrino rays from Iron Lad’s time ship, 6 neurokinetic armors from the Prague and Kiev fights, and 3500 iron scraps from general event play. He is also required for you to fight Whiplash and carry forward into the next episode.

I can see the evil in his eyes.

He isn’t the only armored hero joining the fight. The premium character for the event is Ironheart herself. Seems a lot of these legacy characters are becoming premium characters. To have Ri Ri join the Academy all you will need is 545 Infinity Shards. She will be helpful in getting past the first road block in the VS area.


Oh and one last thing. They brought back the leaderboard for this event and 1st tier prize is the Hulkbuster Armor and 2nd tier gets the Immortal Sorcerer Loki costume from the last leaderboard challenge. So good luck!

Of course.


And that will do it for this first part of the event. Be sure to tune back here later this week for Part 2. And of course for all of your Avengers Academy news be sure to follow us on our social media!