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Marvel Collector Corps: Animal Instinct Unboxing

As one of the last two subscription boxes left for the Collector Corps I was hoping to be at least whelmed by the contents. Now some people will gripe since it kind of is a mixed bag and centered around animals rather than a specific hero/movie. Before I continue, I will say that it is sad to see these collector box subscriptions go but I’m hoping the retail boxes will drum up more attention from people. Now onto the box itself.

The Box:

The first noticeable thing is the claw marks on the top of the box, representing the animalistic theme. Once you open it you are greeted by Black Panther, Rhino, Squirrel Girl, and Rocket Raccoon in their various art styles and throughout the box different style takes on these characters are shown.

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The Goodies:

Starting off with the patch you get a green patch with Squirrel Girl on it. Not much else to it since it’s only just her and one of her squirrels.

Sadly, no pin this time. Instead, we get a POP Pen of Rocket Raccoon in his orange suit, as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, and you get a notepad with his logo/his face.

The shirt this time is not a POP Tee, or is it I’m not exactly sure, but it is of Howard the Duck. The picture shows more and I’m not too knowledgeable about him. Also, because I ordered the box late the shirt is a size small. Kinda ok with that though.

We get two collectible figures in this box and the first one I will mention is the POP. This is a Rhino POP. He is your average POP size and is number 309 in the Marvel line.

But the fun doesn’t stop here. The second figure is a Wobbler of Black Panther, based on his MCU design. This one is probably my favorite from the box and he does have a Chase Glow in the Dark Variant so best of luck to all of you opening your boxes over the next couple of days. I happened to get a Chase for this which is awesome and made this box for me. The normal figure looks great but the Chase variant looks even better.

Personally, I think this box is a mixed bag. Some of the items aren’t all that impressive, but some are. I’m glad I picked this up since there is only one more box to go before everything changes. And the last box is super limited so if it is still available right now, I would suggest it if you are wanting some cool stuff got Infinity War.

What were your thoughts on the box? Did you get the Chase? Let me know down in the comments!