Jessica Jones Event Starting in Marvel Avengers Academy

Avengers Academy has just started a new Jessica Jones event. The event started on the 12th and takes inspiration from both seasons of the Netflix series. Kilgrave will be the main villain, but with a different setup than the show, appropriate for the Avengers Academy atmosphere.

The storyline of this event is that Kilgrave is using his mind-control powers to set the most powerful crime families in the city against eachother with the ultimate plan of becoming the new crime kingpin. Jessica does not have a history with Kilgrave in Avengers Academy, but she still wants to shut him down because of what he is doing to her city.

A new character is being introduced that has a bad history with Kilgrave. The Hood isn’t a hero, but he is against Kilgrave. Kilgrave destroyed the Hood’s criminal operation so now the Hood wants to destroy Kilgrave. Some clues into the Hood’s backstory is that his past somehow involves Doctor Strange, Mysterio, and Mephisto.

Characters that are coming back are Jessica Jones, Hellcat, and Luke Cage. There will be new costumes fro Jessica, Luke, and Spider-Woman. According to Marvel News, “Two are all-time classics from the comics, and the third is a more obscure choice”.

The Jessica Jones event started on April 12 so there’s plenty of time to get in there and defeat Kilgrave. Keep coming back to The Marvel Report for more updates as the event progresses.