Cosplayers Read to Kids During Covid-19 Lockdown

While the world is working it’s way through something none of us have ever experienced before, some very heroic cosplayers have been putting their costumes to use making videos for children. Many of these cosplayers belong to groups that do charity work so we’ll do our best to highlight their social media accounts, as well as the groups that they are in so you can check them out as well. But if you have a child who would like to hear a story from a super hero, we are here to help.

First off, could there be a more fitting match than Phil Coulson reading a story about Captain America? Here is Brian Robison aka Phil Coulson doing just that. You can find Brian here on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Brian is also a member of the Avengers Initiative.

Next up here is Tony Armatys as Ant-Man reading “Grow Up Ant-Man”. Tony can be found here on Instagram and he is also a member of the Avengers Initiative and the Science Fiction Coalition and Kids Can Cosplay.

Since Coulson read you a story about Captain America, here is Cap himself reading “The Firefly and the Stars”. Captain America is played by Matt Mullis and can be found here on Instagram. Matt is also a member of the Science Fiction Coalition.

Even the King of Wakanda took some time out of his busy schedule to read a little about himself, Black Panther in this video. Here is Allan Forte as King T’Challa. Allan is a member of the Avengers Initiative and Kids Can Cosplay and can be found here on Instagram.

Her movie may be delayed due to the Covid-19 virus, but Black Widow still found time to read a story from What Makes A Hero, a book dedicated to female Marvel super heroes. In fact, Ms. Romanoff took the time to read not one, but four stories for kids. Check out her YouTube channel to find the other three. Natasha goes by Amanda in her day to day life, where she cosplays with her husband and children. You can find them here on Instagram and the entire family are members of the Avengers Initiative.

Being Black Panther wasn’t enough for Mr. Forte so he’s back in this video as the Falcon, reading a story about The Avengers. Again you can find Allan right here on Instagram.

Captain America is back, this time played by Patrick Robert. Patrick posted his video reading of Night Night Groot on his FB page called The Patcave. Check it out!

While this is The Marvel Report, and we typically only report on Marvel related news, desperate times call for desperate measures. So in order to give you even more options for story time, here are some non-Marvel characters reading stories as well. Starting with none other than Princess Leia, played by Virginia. Virginia can be found here on Instagram and is a member of the Science Fiction Coalition.

For the Harry Potter fans, here is Delores Umbridge reading The Wizard and the Hopping Pot. Delores, aka Kelly can be found here on Instagram and is a member of the Science Fiction Coalition. Thank you Kelly!

Lastly, here is The Dark Knight, Batman reading Mother Bruce. What a perfect story for Batman, don’t you think? Batman brought to you by Ronald Russman, known as Charlotte’s Dark Knight.

Of course there are many more cosplayers out there who are recording videos like this, but we wanted to thank the people above who submitted their videos for this article. You are all heroes during these difficult times.