Naomi Podcast Season 1 – Episode 2: “Unidentified Flying Object”

Welcome back to the Naomi Podcast!

On this episode, Britney Monae“Brother” Nate Milton are joined by Vanessa Shark (The Lituation Room/Black Lighting Podcast) to break down the second episode of Naomi!

They talk about Naomi learning more about her past, Dee stepping into the role of Naomi’s mentor, the military’s plans for Port Oswego, Mr. & Mrs. McDuffie’s culinary skills, and the host’s continued love for Team Naomi (aka “The Scooby Gang”). Plus Vanessa has a theory about Zumbado, and Nate makes a bunch of musical references that may or may not land with the listeners. Hear all of that & more on an “out of this world” edition of the Naomi Podcast!

Let Britney & Nate know what you thought about this episode (and your predictions for the rest of the season) in the comments below. You can also tweet or email us…And if you just want to send the hosts some love, we’d appreciate that too, fam!

Until Next Time, Stay Curious…We Out!

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