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Doom Patrol Podcast Season 4 – Episode 6: Hope Patrol

On this week’s episode Vanessa, Keenon, Andy, and Breeze discuss episode six of Doom Patrol season four, “Hope Patrol.”

The recently de-aged team is back to normal-ish. Everyone, except Larry and Cliff, has lost their longevity.

Rita and Madame Rouge solidify their rekindled friendship by infiltrating the Bureau of Normalcy to get more information on the Immortus Project. Larry gets closer to Rama, Mr. 104 (not 305); their romance continues to bloom. But, Larry is taken prisoner by the Scissormen. Vic and Derick hop through the portal in Doom Manor to rescue Larry while Cliff and Jane deal with their respective issues. They eventually make their way to the pocket dimension. Cliff, Jane, Vic, and Derek end the episode surrounded by the Scissormen. To make matters worse, the frozen butt zombie has thawed and looks ready to wreak some havoc. 

Part two cannot come any sooner!

What did you think about this episode and part one of season four?


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