The Flash Podcast Season 9 - Episode 13 A New World, Part Four

The Flash Podcast Season 9 – Episode 13: “A New World, Part Four” (SERIES FINALE)

On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy, Tatiana, Breeze, and Lacy get together to cover episode 13, a.k.a. the SERIES FINALE of the longest-running Arrowverse show on The CW! Titled “A New World, Part Four,” Team Flash takes on Cobalt Blue and his Legion of Speedsters for the final time as the show wraps its nine-year run. In addition to that, the gang goes through listener feedback as well as LIVE comments about “A New World, Part Four.” Did the series finale satisfy the hosts? Find out on this double-sized episode of The Flash Podcast and what the hosts will be doing with the podcast after this season – we are not going anywhere!

THE FINAL RUN – The Flash (Grant Gustin), the fastest man alive, is tasked with his greatest challenge yet, to save the timeline and save existence. Friends old and new gather for an epic battle to save Central City, one last time. The episode was written by Eric Wallace & Sam Chalsen and directed by Vanessa Parise (#913).  Original airdate 5/24/2023.

A special thank you to all of our amazing guests who joined us in the final season: Craig Byrne, Keenon Walker, Kemberlie Spivey, Vanessa Shark, Chainsaw Reacts, Rebecca Johnson, Morgan Glennon, Mae Abdulbaki, Nate Milton, and Jocelyn!


The Flash Podcast stands with the WGA in their efforts for fair pay and fair working conditions. Without writers, there would be no The Flash or any other show we love – INFORMATION ON THE WGA STRIKE

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