Marvel Teases Civil War II

With Marvel’s All New All Different comics release only two days away, the company might have just announced its first full universe event: Civil War II.

Comic retailers were sent a postcard from Marvel that features a recreation of the iconic cover from the original Civil War that has Captain America facing off against Iron Man. However, this postcard has Sam Wilson replacing Steve Rodgers.

The back of the postcard has nothing but the roman numeral “II” and “Spring 2016.” It looks like the company is going to continue their trend of releasing things that associate with the Marvel movies with Captain America: Civil War releasing around the same time.

It’s interesting that the All New All Different Universe will be shaking things up for the heroes so quickly. While i’m a little surprised to see Marvel recreate one of their classic tales, I’m excited to see how different it is from the original Civil War story.

How do you feel about a sequel to Civil War? We want to hear what you think below!


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