REVIEW: Gwenpool #8 – “Let’s Make Some Plans!”

Writer: Christopher Hastings
Penciler: Gurihiru
Colorist: Stacey Lee
Letterer: VC’S Clayton Cowles
Release Date: 11/09/16
Price: $3.99



Not only is Gwenpool wanted by the NYPD, she’s also wanted by aliens? Wait aliens and the NYPD are teamed up? Yes you read that right! Lucky Gwenpool! Her solution? Do something drastic and hope for the best! Let’s see how this adventure turns out.


Gwenpool has orders to eliminate the Teuthidans again. The biggest problem? They are now somehow working with the NYPD! Gwenpool creates a plan involving her entire team. Is it crazy? Of course! Will it work? Maybe. Gwenpool’s plan is crazy.


But there’s work for her teammates too. Batroc will embarrass the United Nations, Cecil ghost hacks the Police to make crime look more frequent and lastly the Terrible Eye will back this all up with spooky illusions. All the while Gwen will be taking out the Teuthidans all by herself! Sadly, this plan does not work as her client turns out to be more than he seems.


While there’s not much happening in this issue, it remains a fun read. Issue #8 is a set up for coming Gwenpool stories. However, Hastings creates set up in a extremely fun way compared to other comic writers. He set up everything in the last few pages of the issue, the rest being imagination from our heroine. With that being said, Hastings does reveal more of the Teuthidans and Gwen’s history in the “real world”.


A world without superheroes. Could villains imagine such a place! It’s a breading ground for monstrous action to take place. The set up with the client and the revelation of the last panel was great work done by Hastings. Is it a super fun read? Yeah! Is it one that you absolutely need to pick up? Not so much. Gwenpool always remains fun but never has it reached groundbreaking yet. It’ll be interesting to see how the next story falls into place.


Gurihiru delivers as always on the art front. Anything that is not clear by the dialogue is crystal clear by the expression on Gwen’s face! Gurihiru is consistent in the way they present their art throughout Gwenpool. Similar to the story, while there is nothing new done by the art it still remains fun to look at and experience. A fun surprise was finally seeing the Terrible Eye without her headpiece.


Sarah looks really fun and is a cool twist on the Terrible Eye. Again, very similarly is the coloring done by Stacey Lee. Nothing extremely fun or new but that is okay for a comic like Gwenpool. The team behind Gwenpool always plays it safe with their art. However, the team can do this thanks to their ridiculous plot lines that are over dramatic enough.


Issue #8 of Gwenpool was a fun read but nothing extremely special or new. Very much a set up issue done by Hastings but done in a really fun way. It is not something that is necessary to pick up unless you are a die hard Gwenpool fan. Hastings and his team will need to deliver on their big plot line coming up for Gwen and her friends.