Legion’s Posters Harken Back To Legion’s Comic Roots

Legion is blazing new trails and forging new paths in a lot of ways – he’s a hero whose mental health is taking center stage, he’s the first mutant star of a television show (an important distinction to make when it comes to Marvel and Daisy Johnson). They’re pushing the series forward, hoping it will launch both original X-men programming as well as more of a mutant presence on television.  They’re sparing no expense on this with a series of posters  that harken indirectly back to the original Legion comic artwork.

Created by artist Chris Claremont, known for X-men work and artist Bill Sienkiewicz.  Sienkiewicz reached for unconventional materials to tell Legion’s story including oil painting, collage, and mimeograph – work that’s traditionally not used in comic books.  Bill Sienkiewicz’s other works include The Hulk, Elektra: Assassin, and Moon Knight creating a unique new world.

It’s his work with Legion however that’s inspired a number of the poster work for the series.  Compare this cover for Legion with the most recent posters put out by the series.  In terms of color, shape, and general uniqueness they’re pretty par for the course.

Take a look at these new posters compiled from Legion’s twitter and examine our gallery of comic art by Bill Sienkiewicz and judge for yourselves.  Overall the artwork has  very ethereal quality on both parts that makes a perfect counterpart to David Haller’s story.

Do these posters make you think of something extraordinary? Check them out below and see if you agree and don’t forget to hit up our gallery to tell us if you think that Legion was faithful to Mr. Sienkiewicz’s artwork.


Dan Stevens stars as David Haller in Legion,  Legion drops February 8th 2017 on FX.