REVIEW : Nova #3 Novas Vs Knowhere

Nova #3

Writer: Jeff Loveness & Ramon Perez
Penciler : Ramon Perez
Colorist : Ian Hrring
Letterer : Comiccraft’s Albert Deschesne
Release Date : 2/1/17
Price : $3.99


Two Novas walk into a bar full of hostile aliens. I swear this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke. Sam and Rich have found themselves a good old fashioned space bar fight. Luckily they have Cosmo The Space Dog to back them up. If you’re looking for a classic space adventure than Nova #3 is the issue for you.


This was an extremely fast paste issue and honestly it’s pretty straight forward. Sam and Rich have to team up to beat up a gang of space thugs that are after their helmets. It’s a simple story that we’ve seen time and time again, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a blast reading this issue. Sam and Rich are a treat together they have a strong brotherly chemistry that can be felt on every page. The first two issues set the stage for their friendship and this issue sealed the deal for sure. It was so fun watching them kick butt together. I also like that they’re still showing the side effects of Rich’s return from the dead. I can’t wait to see where this goes.


Since this issue wasn’t very story heavy the art really had a chance to shine. Man was this issue filled to the brim with action. The fast paced nature of this story really allowed Perez to show off just how dynamic he can be. Everything felt like it was flying right off the page from scene to scene. The classic space adventure vibe reminds me exactly why I love Marvel’s cosmic side.


I’ll keep this one short ans sweet. If you’re in it just for the story you could skip this one, but if you’re a fan of high flying action in space and enjoy watching two Novas kick butt and take names then I recommend checking out Nova #3.