This Week in Collectibles: Figures, Figures, and more Figures

This is a test run for something I think would be interesting to do at the end of every week. A nice recap of all the news relating to Marvel merchandise this week, as it also gives me a chance to bring to light things that weren’t covered this week as well. With New York Toy Fair right around the corner, expect some news about upcoming Marvel figures from there. Also, there is one piece of merch news that won’t be covered here since it has already been covered and that is the Baby Groot Dancing figure which can be found here.

Marvel Select: Guardians of the Galaxy

First up on the list was something that started the week off. That was that Diamond Select Toys’ Marvel Select line of figures has just put up their pre-orders for the Guardians of the Galaxy. Each figure does come separately, minus Rocket since he comes with Gamora. Come to think of it why is he not paired up with Groot?

Gamora comes with 2 extra pairs of hands, 2 pistols, a rifle, a knife, and a sword. Also, as mentioned earlier, she comes with a full Rocket Raccoon figure that comes with 2 blasters as well.


Then we have Groot, who is actually larger than most other Groot figures I’ve seen. But he doesn’t come with any major accessories, only comes with part of a stand that actually connects to the other stand parts, since Groot is well Groot. Cool thing, though, is that if perched right Rocket can hang out on Groot’s shoulders.

Exclusive Marvel Select Groot Figure in Box Packaged

Next is Drax. He comes with 2 extra pairs of hands, an awesome cutlass sword, and a battle ax with a clear pink blade. Looks pretty awesome actually.

Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Drax Figure Packaged

And finally, we have Star-Lord. He comes with 2 heads (one masked, and the other not), a crystal, a hand to hold said crystal, 2 element blasters, and booster flames for the bottom of his boots. Not only that but you also get a stand so you can pose him flying as well.

Marvel Select Star-Lord Figure Packaged Disney Store Exclusive

As I mentioned above they each come with a stand that connects together so you can get an awesome team pose like this one.

Exclusive Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Figures Whole Team

Source: Marvel Toy News