X-Men and Totally Awesome Hulk Crossover!

The X-Men and Totally Awesome Hulk will crossover this summer in an event called “Weapons of Mutant Destruction”. The series will be written by Greg Pak, the writer of both series, Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon X. The crossover event will begin in Totally Awesome Hulk #19.

Comic Book got the exclusive from Greg Pak regarding the upcoming series. Here’s an exert of their interview with Pak:

So, in the broadest sense, what is Weapons of Mutant Destruction?

Greg Pak: Well, we’ve got our heroes and villains who are hunting down the new Weapon X and end up teaming up with Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk. That in itself is fun because you’ve got very different dynamics here where the Hulk is this young cocky dude who thinks he knows everything and the Weapon X team is this hardened group of mercenaries and killers and criminals basically. There are some fun contrasts there but they’ve teamed up because they found out that Weapon X is hunting the Hulk. The Weapon X Program has a very specific mission in mind and it involves the Hulk, and so now our heroes and the Hulk are teaming up to try to thwart it. Over the course of this story, things are going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and there are a few mysteries that will unspool, and much slashing and smashing.

We don’t know about you, but this sounds like it’s going to be a pretty awesome series! And here’s the awesome cover art:

The series will be available this year in June along more awesome series from Marvel! Let us know what you think in the comments!

As always, we’ll continue to update you on all things Marvel.