The Guardians Return to Avengers Academy and Bring New Friends

As Britney reported on yesterday, which you can check out here, The Guardians of the Galaxy are coming to a bunch of Marvel games and in this case, are returning for the third time to Avengers Academy.

In the last event, we saw that Nick Fury has acquired the Infinity Gauntlet and that Hank Pym has the Makulan Rings. In doing so placed a huge target on the school. Now Ayesha has set her sights and is bringing her army as well. got the chance to sit down with Lead Narrative Designer Allen Warner and asked him all about this upcoming event inspired by the upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

In the interview, it is revealed that Ayesha will be bringing her Priestesses as well as some other cosmic entities. The Collector will also show up for his own needs, collecting the gauntlet for his collection. The event area will include a new battle feature that will allow players to customize combat a bit and give a bit more choice for enemy types.

Now I know why you all are here. You want to know what characters you’ll be able to add this time around. Well, a lot actually. Players will be given a chance to recruit the Guardians from the previous event including the 2 premium characters as well as Nova, Mantis, The Collector, Cosmo the Spacedog, Adam Warlock, and Lil’ Groot. There will also be costumes for the original Guardians Team including a Thor Groot and other costumes for Enchantress, Falcon, Iron Man, and Captain America. Also making a return will be some of the event decorations to help level up the original team and help out in the upcoming event. Essentially this event is packed.

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One last thing of note, if you’ve been paying attention to a lot of the event conversations and seeing the easter egg hint drops from characters this event will bring you even more easter eggs for both past events and events yet to come.

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