Avengers Academy: Guardians Event Volume 2

Episode 1:

The time has come to rock out with our favorite space outlaws once more! This time they bring new friends and enemies to the fray. But before then Avengers Academy gives you the chance to recruit the original Guardians once again if you missed out or are new to the game. I’ve already recruited them from the previous event so I apologize for the lack of pictures. Oh also for players that have the characters already you will be able to do their level up quests and have them count towards the event. In my case, I get to do them again since most of my Guardians are at max level. You also get the chance to get the event items and locations from the previous event. One last thing, Ronan is back with a vengeance. Fun little side note, I have Ronan locked up and yet somehow he’s in two places at once? I blame the Timefog as well as Hank.

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To recruit Star-Lord this time around you will need to do the We’re Back quest. Then you will need 8 Blaster Ammo from the event missions, 3 Fuzzy Dice from the ‘Starlin’s’ decoration, and have Iron Man Study Alien Armor. 

Before I continue onto the other characters there is a premium character as well as an event crate that pop up. The premium character is Nova. 90% sure it’s Sam Alexander as Nova but don’t quote me on that. You can get him for 545 Infinity Shards. He’s helpful for the upcoming fight against Ronan as well as for the rest of the event. Also, if you’ve been playing for as long as I have, he is another member of the original Ultimate Spider-Man team.

Then there is also the Groot’s Galactic Crate which houses a bunch of cool items and even Groot! In order to open the crate, you need 1 Kree seal which you will obtain after beating Ronan.


To recruit Gamora you will need to do the Gamora’s Galaxy Quest as well as 12 Blasters from the event missions or the Groot Crate, 9 Cassettes from Star-Lord’s Cassette Deck, and have Star-Lord perform the “Show Your Moves” action twice.


To recruit Drax you will need 12 Daggers from the event missions or Groot Crate,  8 Bowls of Food from the Ramen Shop, have Gamora perform the “Melt Your Face” action 7 times, and defeat Ronan once.


And finally, to recruit Rocket you will need 20 Swear Jars from the event missions or Groot Crate, 8 Wrenches from Rocket’s Hot Rod, have Drax perform the “Destroy the Drums” action 10 times, and defeat Ronan 3 times.

There is a costume for Groot as well. It is Thor Groot. It’s hilarious. And you can get it for 345 Infinity Shards.

Now, most of this won’t apply if you’ve already done the previous Guardians event so use this time to stockpile resources and have fun!

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