The Punisher

Brian Michael Bendis to Write New Punisher Comic

Brian Michael Bendis is the writer for the current run of Defenders comics alongside artist David Marquez.  The Punisher is set to guest star in the comic and will be make a few appearances in the series. However, it’s now been confirmed that Bendis will also be writing a new comic centered around Frank Castle titled Punisher: End of Days. The news comes via Comic Book Resources.

Bendis had this to say in an interview with

You get these characters that react, and you want them to react honestly. Some of them are going to [expletive] their pants, and some are going to figure out what they want. Now, what’s cool that you brought up is that some of this we are going to address—and then things developed further where were given the OK to do a Punisher: End of Days series, like we did with Daredevil. But this won’t be like a sequel, but instead, kind of like a ‘side-quel’ with Punisher. It’s in that world with The Punisher trying to attempt his final ‘Punish.’

Bendis didn’t expand on if the new series will be ongoing or limited. There hasn’t been a full creative named for the series yet. Also, there is yet to be a release date.

Defenders #1 will be released on June 14th.

What do you think about Bendis writing a Punisher series? Are you hoping for ongoing or limited? Let us know in the comments below. 

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