Champions #9 Review Cover Feature

REVIEW: Champions #9-“The Red Locust!”

Writer: Mark Waid
Penciller: Humberto Ramos
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Release Date: June 7, 2017
Price: $3.99

Champions #9 Review Cover

Plot: The introduction of The Red Locust!

Story: Champions #9 was an incredibly fun issue featuring Viv Vision and a brand-new character, The Red Locust! I may be biased about how I feel because I think Viv is an amazing character that deserves more of a spotlight, but I think that this is one of the best characterizations yet. The problem with some team books is that they focus a lot on the teams handling larger tasks and don’t really get to focus on the individual characters. In the last couple of issues of Champions, they address this by giving some fun slice of live, character moments. The entire issue is dedicated to Viv and her possibly recruiting a new hero to the team.

Viv has been dealing with some internal conflicts concerning her social life in the past few issues. First, in the Vision solo series she lost both her mother and her brother, leaving her with her father, Vision, who can be rather strict at times. As the team is reminiscing on nostalgic moments in this issue, she seems to come to the realization that she has no real nostalgia because she’s only less than a year old. This prompts her to spend some alone time to think and pay a visit to the Freelancers in California. But before she can reach any of them she runs into the Red Locust!

Champions #9 Review Red Locust

I’d be lying if this character didn’t remind me of The Blue Beetle just a little bit. Perhaps it’s the name, or the costume, but in any case, there are some similarities. While Viv and she do the standard drug bust, the issue is really just a focus on who the Red Locust is. In fact, the issue cuts short a few pages to give us a “Who is the Red Locust?” section. I’m not sold on the character just yet, but I do like the feminist notions behind her origin. I hope to see her build upon that more. She seems incredibly fun, but has the potential to be annoying of they push too far. Right now, I have no issues and cannot wait to see her introduction to the rest of the Champions.

Art: As always, the art is phenomenal, courtesy of Humberto Ramos. The design on Red Locust’ suite is creative and interesting, as well as her poses. The crouching stances lend insight to her power jumps and gives us a fun picture of how her abilities work. I also like the flashback sketch work at the end as well. It’s a very well done.

Champions #9 Review Viv and Red Locust

Verdict: As with all issues that introduce new characters it’s hard to fully judge the character out of the gate, but I do think this is going to be a good one. Fernanda Ramirez is full of charisma and humor, and I think she’ll mesh well with the team. As always Mark made some fun character moments at the beginning and then followed up with some good story telling. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Star Rating: 4 out of 5