REVIEW: Thor: Ragnarok Prelude #3 – “Misrepresentation Adaptation”

Based On Thor: The Dark World
Screenplay By:  Christopher L.Yost And Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely
Story By: Don Payne & Robert Rodat
Writer: Will Corona Pilgrim
Artist: J.L. Giles
Colorist: Jay David Ramos
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Release Date: 08/02/17
Rating: Rated T+
Price: $3.99

An adaptation of THOR: THE DARK WORLD

Thor: Ragnarok Prelude #3 Cover

Plot: Jane Foster tracks a mysterious power on Earth. The realms face chaos as Malekith makes his move. Thor has to turn to the one person he never thought he’d need again: Loki!

Story: The story is pretty much what you get in Thor: The Dark World it is all about the Aethyr. It opens up with the set up with Malekith fighting, Odin’s father Bor in Svartalfheim to set up the Aethyr.  This like I said was just all set up nothing else, and was done all in one page, which isn’t bad as this has to adapt half the movie in just 20 pages.

Thor: Ragnarok Prelude #3 - 1

The comic is fast paced as it has a lot of big scenes to hit but very little page count to do so, so we see a little bit of the scene where Loki is sentenced before Odin before we cut to Thor & Sif in Vanaheim before cutting to Jane encountering the Aethyr before Thor returns. Again I understand the fast pacing of the book, and that Pilgrim really had a lot to cover but there are nuances missing from the movie that just shows that this shouldn’t have been as condensed, give more pages, give more issues, something.

Thor: Ragnarok Prelude #3 - 2

Thor takes Jane to Asgard where Odin wants her gone until he see she has the Aethyr within her and tells her and Thor about it. Asgard comes under attack and Frigga is killed, which leads to Loki being freed and him betraying Thor. The sequences cut so fast from one to the other you really do not get an accurate representation of the movie itself. Tom Hiddleston made Loki a character movie and comic fans want more of but by rushing the script and leaving out some of his scenes we really lose that appeal of the character from the movies.

Thor: Ragnarok Prelude #3 - 4

Art:  The art was ok here. Giles does a good job getting the feel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Asgard and the costumes, but it lacks the recognition of the actors in the art. When I read a book that is based on a movie, TV show etc I want to see those actors who portrayed represented in the art. I know they can not give us picture accurate but give us something that says this is Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and not just a generic Thor.

Thor: Ragnarok Prelude #3 - 5

Verdict: Overall this wasn’t bad onto itself but suffered production and marketing problems. Marvel, let’s sit and chat shall we? Ok I buy every comic you produce, each and every month. I like these preludes because they adapt the movies, but stop calling them preludes ok.

Thor: Ragnarok Prelude #3 - 6

When you do the Star Wars movies, you give us Adaptations of those movies that bring the movies to life and even gives us those “Cut Scenes” that we love so much in DVDs. Stop dressing these up as the preludes, and give us a legit adaptation of the movies, no cutting corners treat your Marvel Cinematic Universe fans and long time comic book fans as well as you do your Star Wars fans.

Now if you want to give us a prelude, sweet, do so please but again take a note from the Star Wars Journey To preludes and give us some background information we need going into the new movie, some bonus footage what happens between the films etc, stop this bait and switch you are currently doing in the long term you are just ensuring fans not even try picking up any preludes.

Thor: Ragnarok Prelude #3 Rating

Rating: 1 ½  stars.