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Hero Within Announces Marvel Clothing Line

Hero Within and founder Tony Kim announced a partnership with Marvel today that will no doubt create line of high end, must have Marvel themed clothing. Started less than two years ago in May of 2016, Hero Within took fans and comic conventions by storm with their beautiful DC themed men’s and women’s clothing. With the DC line doing very well, we at The Marvel Report have been quietly waiting and hoping for a Marvel line to follow.

We caught up with Kim on what has been a very busy and exciting day, to ask him a few quick questions about the announcement.

  • TMR: We are very excited to hear about the launch of the Marvel line! How long have you had this in the works?
    HW: We formally started the process about four months ago. Marvel was very excited about the idea and they have been amazing to work with throughout the process!
  • TMR: Do you already have some products designed, did you use them in your pitch to Marvel?
    HW: Definitely! Our Marvel products will primarily follow the characters and movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • TMR: I know you can’t give us too much detail, but do you have any specific characters in mind for your initial products?
    HW: While we are planning to offer some products for characters that will be more predictable, we also planning on some that we think will surprise you. But definitely look for Black Panther, Captain America, and The Avengers to appear in our line.
  • TMR: What is your timeline for the Marvel launch?
    HW: If all goes well and Loki doesn’t meddle in our plans, we hope to unveil our designs as soon as April. That would be followed by pre-orders in May and delivery of the first products some time this Summer.
  • TMR: While The Hero Within line looks great online, I think fans only truly understand the quality when they are able to see your products in person and try them on. When and where can we find you in the next few months?
    HW: Hero Within will have a booth at Wondercon in Anaheim March 23-25 (booth #2009), Wizard World in Portland April 13-15, Comic Con Revolution in Ontario May 19-20, Phoenix Comic Fest May 24-27 and of course San Diego Comic Con July 19-22. We’re also working on a few other appearances, so stay tuned!
  • TMR: So based on the previous timeline, does it look like CCR or PHXCF will hopefully be the first time fans will be able to see the Marvel merchandise in person?
    HW: If things go as planned that would likely be the case, yes.

This is all very exciting news for Marvel fans! Stay tuned for more details, TMR will be sure to share Hero Within’s new Marvel line as soon as it’s available!

If you’d like to check out the currently available DC line, and follow Hero Within on social media:

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