Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Announces Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Relaunch

Although the future of the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise remains uncertain, fans won’t have to wait long to see the title return to comic book shelves.

Marvel released a cryptic image today asking, “#WhoAreTheGuardians?” Fans will find out in January 2019 according to the post.

The image includes team members from the most recent book that ended in 2017 such as Star-Lord and Drax as well as some surprise Marvel characters including Cosmic Ghost Rider and Thor.

The announcement also revealed Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw for the creative team. The two previously collaborated on Marvel titles including Cosmic Ghost Rider and Thanos. 

Cates tweeted his excitement about the new project, promising “insane plans” for the book.

The book’s launch will coincide with the conclusion of the Infinity Wars limited series currently running that features several Guardians characters. Written by Gerry Duggan, the comic run connects to the last Guardians of the Galaxy run released by Marvel which was canceled for low sales.

It seems likely this new book will connect to Infinity Wars, which is why Marvel is keeping all the details under wraps for now.

It’s also possible Marvel is saving more details on Guardians of the Galaxy for New York Comic Con, which will happen a few weeks before January solicits are released.

Given the number of characters included in the teaser image, it looks like the book could have an epic level event in store.

Will you be adding the new Guardians of the Galaxy book to your pull list?

Guardians of the Galaxy