Captain Marvel: Who are Maria and Monica Rambeau?

We’re getting closer to Captain Marvel. The film will introduce several new characters, and represents a pivotal change in the MCU. It’s a change that’s more than just the first “female superhero”, Captain Marvel will also introduce the first legacy superhero and the concept of a legacy superhero. Every comic fan knows that Carol Danvers inspires the young Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan. Captain Marvel’s legacy is assured, but she shares the screen with Maria Rambeau and her daughter Monica. While we know very little about Maria Rambeau’s relationship to Carol, it seems as if Captain Marvel will also inspire Monica. Recent photos have revealed Carol and Monica interacting.

Monica has a long history in the Marvel Universe herself. Let’s take a look at Monica Rambeau and see just where she could fit into the MCU – and just how this heroine could continue Captain Marvel’s legacy.

Who are Maria and Monica Rambeau?

Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch)

Created by Roger Stern and John Romita Jr, Monica Rambeau first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1982). Originally a lieutenant in the New Orleans police department, Captain Marvel supervised the New Orleans docks. While trying to stop criminals trying to create a weapon, she was exposed to energy that gave her superpowers. Able to convert her body into energy, the media dubbed her Captain Marvel. Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four told her the name was originally used by the Kree soldier Mar-Vell, but that “Marv would’t have minded.” and that he probably “wasn’t the only Thing” in the Marvel Universe.

She would soon join the Avengers as a member-in-training. After helping the Avengers defeat Egghead (A nuclear scientist gone rogue) she helped Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch battle Dracula. Her primary enemies are Moonstone, a superpowered psychiatrist and Blackout, Moonstone’s pawn. Both Blackout and Moonstone use and manipulate energy much like Captain Marvel herself.

She battled a massive sea monster, transforming her body into a lightning bolt to try and stop it. In doing so, she made contact with the water and disseminated her body across the water. When she put herself together, she did not have superpowers. She eventually regained her abilities and changed her name to Photon. A second Kree used the name, and she gave it up, deciding to call herself Pulsar instead. She became a member of Captain America’s secret Avengers and has consistently demonstrated a dedication to doing what’s right.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Monica Rambeau is the 11 year old daughter of Maria Rambeau, friend and co-pilot of Carol Danvers. Her callsign, Photon, has important significance to the character. While it’s unknown if she has any powers or abilities, or if she’ll develop any, the character has a history in the Marvel Universe. It’s essential to put Monica in the MCU in a big way

What Role Could Monica and Maria Rambeau Play in the MCU?

Monica and Maria both have strong connections to Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel. Images from the film have shown the two of them close with Carol, both before and after her transformation into Captain Marvel. It’s clear that Maria will be happy to reunite with her friend and Monica may be inspired by Carol’s actions, just like Kamala Khan in the comics.

Comic fans and Brie Larson herself are hopeful that Kamala will make an appearance in Captain Marvel and the MCU. It’s not unreasonable for her to be the only person motivated by Carol’s actions. Carol Danvers exists in a world that is full of superheroes, but Carol is the heroine who has the opportunity to influence the most young girls.

While fans are hopeful to see Kamala Khan, Monica deserves her own future in the MCU too. It would be easy for her to be developed into a character of her own and helm her own franchise. It would be a great connection to Carol Danvers. Monica deserves to develop powers of her own.

As for her mother, Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau is poised to play a big role in Captain Marvel. Just what will happen to her remains to be seen, but if Monica eventually develops powers, Maria could prove to be a mentor and a guiding force for her daughter in the future. While Carol can inspire the road, Maria can help continue it for Monica. Seeing a mother daughter team up would be a unique take on the superhero genre for the big screen. It’s something the MCU should seriously consider.

Monica and Maria Rambeau are two characters who are poised to cut a swathe across Captain Marvel and open the world to brand new stories. We can’t wait to see them on the big screen!

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Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8th, 2019.