Captain Marvel Hayabusa boxing gloves

REVIEW: Hayabusa’s New Boxing Gloves Are a MARVELous Way to Start Your Superhero Training

Hayabusa’s Marvel Hero Elite Series is a collection that’s a long time coming. Contrary to stereotypes, there are people who train in combat sports who are huge comic book nerds, and this gorgeous collection finally serves that population. And whether you are beginning your journey into combat sports or are a seasoned fighter, you’ll find that these gloves can integrate themselves well into your training.

Hayabusa is known in the industry for their quality, which is why their gloves’ price point is higher than ones you’ll find at retailers like Target or Big 5 Sporting Goods. The gloves in the Marvel Hero Elite Series are based on Hayabusa’s bestselling T3 design. The T3 gloves feature a double strap on the wrist for better support, microfiber leather (so the gloves last longer), as well their own “proprietary foam composition” for the filling in the glove.

I put the 16 oz Captain Marvel gloves to work in a standard one-hour boxing workout and found that the gloves are of the quality you expect from Hayabusa.

On the Heavy Bag

Since Hayabusa is known for gloves so supportive that you don’t need to use wraps, I started out on the heavy bag with no wraps. The heavy bag can take a lot of punishment, so I did a lot of body shots. The gloves felt sturdy and supportive, especially around the wrist.

About halfway through the workout, I needed to wrap my hands because I started feeling the impact on my knuckles (I normally train with 18 oz gloves plus wraps). This may change as I continue to break the gloves in since it takes a while for new gloves to warm up and start fitting better. I’d say that if you know you punch hard, while you’re breaking the gloves in, continue to wrap your hands. If you’re a beginner, these gloves are probably perfect from the beginning.

Mitt Work

It was really fun to let go on the mitts and do drills with these gloves on. The double strap on the glove was great at supporting my punches. For women, especially, this feature is a plus. We typically have smaller forearms than men, and this strap really helps make the glove fit snugly around your wrist. The only minor issue is you may need some help taking them off once they’re on if you need to grab water.

Not only did the gloves feel good, but they look great. The Captain Marvel design, in particular, is eye-catching in any footage you take of your workout. There’s depth to the design with the use of lining — the blue lining on the glove matches the lining on her suit. While the Marvel designs cost more than their standard T3 gloves, there’s no denying that they are really cool. I felt more motivated to train harder while I was wearing them just because they looked so awesome.

The gloves and other items from the Hero Elite collection are available now on the Hayabusa website.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.