Agent Carter Producer Sets New Film Noir Project

Did you enjoy the stylish, noir setting of Agent Carter Season 2? Did you enjoy the rich background of Southern California in the late 1940s? Did you appreciate the strong female character that Peggy was and continues to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Then perhaps this new project is for you.

Wendy Wilming, producer on Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD, is Kickstarting a new film called Shangri-La! We are very happy to support her and her sister in this endeavor. It’s important to support women in film, especially women that helped bring us Agent Carter.

Set in Palm Springs 1958, SHANGRI-LA is the story about Hollywood “it girl”, Vera Thompson who has been isolated to the desert with her mob boyfriend. While at another one of his clandestine parties, Vera meets a young ex-cop, Morris, who has returned to his hometown of Palm Springs to follow a lead on his partner’s murder.

Joining Shangri-La as the film’s male lead is ENVER GJKOJ. That’s right, Agent Carter‘s own Daniel Sousa! Daniel Sousa swept Peggy off her feet in Agent Carter Season 2. Enver also co-starred in Avengers as a New York City Police officer and played a main character in Dollhouse.

Serving as an Executive Producer on Shangri-La is Agents of SHIELD co-creator Maurissa Tancharoen. Maurissa has helmed the last six seasons of SHIELD with her husband, Jed Whedon. The pair have worked on numerous shows, including Dollhouse, Spartacus, and Drop Dead Diva.

We spoke to Wendy about the film, who said:

“We’re determined to take a classic noir and flip it. So we have an incredibly strong female paving the way and always staying 10 steps ahead. Our marvelous producers all have that goal in common and it’s what the story is all about. Enver Gjokaj, who I worked with on Agent Carter, will play Morris Thorne in the film. He’s equally as determined in pushing her story to the front lines. We can’t wait to bring it to life.”

Check out the Kickstarter link and support this awesome noir tribute that highlights strong female characters, intelligent dashing men, and Hollywood and Palm Springs in the 1950s!

Shangri-La must be funded by May 8th to go into production.