5 Canon What-If Stories Marvel Could Adapt For Disney+

Fans are reeling from the Disney Investors press conference. Not only did they announce new series, logos, and just how Fox will be melded into the Disney family, they shared a ton of new Marvel Content including Marvel What if – with the first episode featuring Peggy Carter.

Peggy Carter’s regrettably short lived series garnered a massive fan following focused on Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter, Captain America’s best gal. Chronicling her moving on from Captain America and founding SHIELD, Agent Carter ran for two seasons and featured Atwell as the star. The series could almost be a prototype for Disney+ shows with several of Atwell’s MCU costars making the jump to the streaming service.

Peggy Carter will be returning in the first episode of Marvel’s “What If” a series focusing on “What if” stories involving fan characters. What most fans might not know is that the What if series is a real comic look series that’s run from 1977 to 2018. Comprised of 9 volumes and 4 additional volumes focusing on stories like Avengers vs X-Men, What If gives people a chance to look at the flip side of some of their favorite characters. Peggy’s series will focus on Peggy Carter becoming Captain America with Steve fighting HYDRA in a suit of armor built by Howard Stark.

Let’s break down five other “What If” stories that Marvel could adapt to their animated venture.

What If Spider-Man Had Joined The Fantastic Four?

Spider-Man joining the fantastic four was one of the first What if series to be introduced. After being spotlit by Utau the Watcher, Utau shares that there are a number of universes that exist within the Marvel Universe. While fans of the comics know that the 616 universe is the main comic continuity, each universe has it’s own designation. (The MCU is designation Earth – 1999999). Spider-Man originally tried to join the Fantastic Four before being rejected. After joining the Fantastic Four and having them become the “Fantastic Five” hijinks ensue with things changing in a huge way for Marvel’s First family by having Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman, leaving Mr. Fantastic for Namor the Sub Mariner.