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The Flash Podcast Exclusive: Season 6 Post-Mortem Interview With Showrunner Eric Wallace

As The Flash season 6 has come to an early end, given the Coronavirus pandemic, viewers will have to wait patiently for the fastest man alive as season 7 will be premiering on The CW in January 2021. Following the 19th episode, which served as the season finale, what’s next for Eva McCulloch? What happened to Iris West-Allen at the very end inside the Mirrorverse? How will Barry stop Eva from getting away with her lies with barely any speed left? Those are just a handful of questions that will be answered next year.

The Flash Podcast recently had the honor of chatting with the show’s new showrunner Eric Wallace in a post-mortem interview following the big finale this week. Throughout our chat with Wallace, the EP talks about how they’ll deal with the three unproduced episodes from this season when production eventually does resume this year. He also discusses what he hopes to do with the seventh season as season 6 got to experiment with new storytelling methods compared to past seasons.

In addition to that, Wallace offers some exciting teases for new DC characters in season 7, what’s going on with Godspeed and Reverse-Flash as well as how Iris and her marriage with Barry will grow and strengthen after her journey in the Mirrorverse. That and so much more – major thanks to Mr. Wallace and WBTV for the opportunity!

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