May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

SDCC At Home: Marvel’s HQ

Adapting to SDCC at Home has proven to be surprisingly easy despite the hiccups and difficulties and things people miss about Comic Con. Everyone, however, including Marvel has been working on ways to adapt – and it’s giving people an opportunity to get creative and get different. Nowhere was that clearer than Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel, showcasing Marvel’s biggest plans. 

The panel opened with a How-To-Draw lesson for Spider-Man’s favorite big bad Venom. The symbiote foe has been leaping into everyone’s hearts thanks to movies and the ever present awesomeness that is Spider-Man. Fans got a chance to draw Venom, and fans who enjoyed drawing Venom should check out Ryan Stegman’s run on Venom. The artist has brought a vicious pathos to the symbiote and his host Eddie Brock. Stegman and author Donny Cates have been bringing it with both story and the artwork. And Now, thanks to a new tutorial, you can get ready to recreate your favorite scenes.

The panel then shifted to Marvel’s new animated series Spider-Man: Maximum Venom. Felicia Day, who plays MJ,  visited the panel discussing her role and how MJ was a dream role. The actress described how the character was her favorite, and inspired her.

“I fell in love with her when I was a kid. I loved their romance and I said I wanted to be her one day.”

Day teased that she brings out her Peter’s vulnerability. The actress also teased how the characters on Spider-Man Maximum Venom would be dealing with real world issues that people could relate to. Speaking of real world issues, the panel segued into a comic reading focusing on at home video games. With people leaning on the likes of Animal Crossing and Fortnite to get through the pandemic, the comic offered a timely look at people who get overly engaged. Spider-Man and Ghost Spider (Also known as Spider-Gwen) battled Arcade who trapped the players of “Panic Island” in a perpetual video game if they lost. The message was that there are other things to do rather than video games, like watching videos and listening to Marvel’s youtube channel.

Alternatively, you could build legos – which is where the panel segued to next. The panel walked us through building the Venom mech build (retailing for 49.99) where Spider-Man battled Venom – both of them in mech suits. The robots feature heavily in the Lego Movie Spider-Man: Vexed by Venom. Hilarity mixed with the horrors of the symbiote while getting silly? Color us very very intrigued!

With a second Venom movie (Maximum Carnage) coming to theaters in 2021, Spider-Man’s fearful foe is rightfully taking the spotlight. From artwork and Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s incredible comics run to the animated series and the lego movies, Venom is oozing his tentacles through the Marvel universe – and beyond.

What Venom series are you looking forward to the most? Have you picked up the Venom lego build? Share yoru thoughts with us in the comments below!