SDCC at Home: Maximum Venom Shines

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom was the focus of it’s “next big thing” echoing the company’s commitment to bringing Spider-Man’s foe to the forefront and making him an anti-hero in his own right. While fans can buy Venom items at the convention, they’re also available at Wal-Mart in a collection for kids to get in on the sticky symbiote fun!

Retailing from 6 to 30 dollars USD, these toys depict the heroes and villains of the MCU at large infected with their own blend of Venom. From Iron Man to Miles Morales, the toys give kids a chance to swing into the action. Check out some pictures below!

Venom’s popularity is only growing, and while the character has a dark history it’s nice to see Marvel trying to appeal to all audiences. While some might consider it a part of the Disney influence, people should be proud of how their kids can share their interests.

The third season of Marvel’s Spider-Man, dubbed Maximum Venom, focuses on how the symbiote is planning an invasion – hoping to bring his alien brethren to the planet. It’s an event so large that the Avengers will need the help of galactic heroes The Guardians of the Galaxy to take on the symbiote threat!

Are you excited for more Maximum Venom? Ready to see venomized versions of your favorite heroes and play with the toys? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

You can shop the Wal-Mart Maximum Venom collection on The third seasons of Marvel’s Spider-Man is currently streaming.