Batwoman Podcast Season 1.5 – Episode 18: Safiyah Sohail Character Spotlight

With Batwoman season 2 only a week away, Batwoman Podcast hosts Amanda, Mimi, and Rachel spend this week’s episode discussing Safiyah Sohail’s character and her DC Comics origins. Safiyah has been mentioned throughout the show’s first season, but she’ll be taking on a bigger role during its second outing, with actress Shivani Ghai bringing her to life. Making her first appearance in Batwoman: Rebirth #1, Safiyah rules over the island of Coryana, where she meets Kate Kane after she’s thrown out of the military. In the comics, Safiyah has a romantic history with Kate and eventually becomes the leader of a terrorist organization dubbed the Many Arms of Death. The Arrowverse’s Safiyah has so far been introduced as having a rocky relationship with both Alice and Julia Pennyworth. How much of her comic storyline will be factored into her DC TV appearance remains a mystery and is among the topics discussed during this deep dive into the Batwoman villain.

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