Black Lightning Podcast Season 4 – Episode 13: “The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closure” (Series Finale)

Welcome back to a very special edition of The Lituation Room a.k.a the Black Lightning Podcast! Last week, Britney Monae, Brother” Nate MiltonClement Bryant & Vanessa Shark were LIVE discussing the final episode of the final season of “Black Lightning“!

The crew dealt with the bittersweet emotions of the end of this excellent (and important) series, before breaking down the last episode. They talked about the final fight between Jefferson and Tobias, the shocking return of O.G. Jennifer, the #ThunderGrace wedding reception, and more! Plus they took plenty of YOUR feedback!

Let the hosts know what you thought about this episode (and the series as a whole) in the comments below. You can also tweet or email us…And if you just want to send the Lit Crew some love, we’d appreciate that too, fam!

If you missed our LIVE show, or just want to watch it again (trust us, there’s one particular moment during the show that needs to be seen), click HERE!

As always, Stay Lit and Stay Safe. We Love You…And We Out!

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