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The Flash Podcast EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Inside The Flash Season 7 With Flash Showrunner Eric Wallace

The Flash was one of an endless list of TV shows that got affected by the global pandemic. Despite these difficult circumstances, production was still able to happen as The Flash aired its seventh year and continuing the adventures of Barry Allen and his team. While having fewer episodes than usual, The Flash not only finished the Mirror Mistress arc, but the Arrowverse drama also adapted the New Forces storyline and finally tackled Godspeed once and for all.

As we wait a few months for the eighth season, the entire The Flash Podcast crew was honored to be joined by Eric Wallace, The Flash showrunner, to break down season 7. Throughout the interview, Wallace chats about the challenges of making a TV show throughout a pandemic, the major 150th episode featuring the extended Flash Family, the writing process in breaking stories, and so much more! Click here to also watch the video version!

The Flash season 8 premieres on Tuesday, November 16, at 8/7c on The CW!

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