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The Flash Podcast Season 8.5 – Episode 2: The Flash Season 9 Confirmed As Final

On the latest episode of The Flash Podcast season 8.5, AndyTatiana, and Breeze get together for an episode that was always meant to come, no matter what. After a lot of speculation and discussions, The Flash season 9 has officially been confirmed to be the show’s final one, which will air with 13-episodes in 2023. Throughout the episode, the trio discusses their initial thoughts, and hopes for The Flash season 9. In addition to that, they also read through multiple tweets, comments, and emails from listeners about what they want to see in The Flash’s final season. That and more on this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast!

SPECIAL MESSAGE: This will certainly not be the last time we talk about what we hope to see in The Flash season 9, so be ready to expect multiple individual episodes throughout Season 8.5. where we talk about what we hope to see for all the characters, speculations, and lots more. Last, but certainly not the least: we will be going all-in for The Flash Podcast Season 9, with attempts to get more interviews, opportunities, and content for all of you wonderful listeners. So more than ever, subscribe to the podcast through the links below and follow us through our social media links below, as every engagement matters and will help to make everyone’s season 9 experience as iconic as possible!


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Flash Boss Eric Wallace Breaks Down Season 8 Finale & Season 9 Teases | (Audio Version) | (Video Version)

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