SDCC23 INTERVIEW: “Defiant” Creative Team

The Story of Robert Smalls

⁠The Creative team of “Defiant,” the story of Robert Smalls, attended San Diego Comic-Con to promote the Kickstarter for their graphic novel.

Smalls was an enslaved harbor pilot in Charleston who sailed his family and others to freedom. This drove Lincoln to accept African American soldiers into the Union Army, and Smalls later accepted the position as a naval captain of that very ship he stole. He was later elected as one of the first African Americans in Congress.

This four-part graphic novel, and someday series or feature-length film, will chronicle Smalls’ journey. Follow this link to learn more and contribute to the Kickstarter:

“Defiant” Creative Team:
  • Writer – Rob Edwards (writer of the Academy Award® nominated The Princess and The Frog)
  • Producer – Marvin Jones III (Black Lightning) Editor – Chris Robinson (Black Panther, X-Men)
  • Cover Artist – Nikolas Draper-Ivey (Shock)
  • Interior Artist – Ray-Anthony Height (Midnight Tiger)
  • Advisor – Michael B. Moore (Great-great-grandson of Robert Smalls)

“Defiant” is a project of Legion M, the first fan—owned entertainment company.

Watch the entire interview below or follow the link: