Secret Invasion Episode 5
Secret Invasion Episode 5

Secret Invasion Episode 5 Review

After a literally explosive episode, Secret Invasion Episode 5 chugs along as Gravik’s power unravels and Nick Fury reaches an ultimatum. All in all, things are not looking great for either side!

It’s already been suggested, but it’s seeming more and more like this battle is less about the fate of the Skrulls and more about Gravik’s ego. When a subordinate challenges him and Gravik murders him, a group of his undercover team attempts a revolt.

They lose, but it still leaves Gravik pretty desperate. He’s willing to sacrifice the whole New Skrullos base and start World War III if Fury won’t give him what he wants, which is the Avengers’ DNA.

His follower was right to call Gravik a monster. He doesn’t care about his people, he just cares about winning. While not the worst MCU villain ever, mostly thanks to Kingsley Ben-Adirs’ ability to draw you in, he’s one of many megalomaniacs we’ve seen undone by their ego. 

Secret Invasion Episode 5
Secret Invasion Episode 5

The highlight of the episode is getting to see Samuel L. Jackson and Olivia Colman play off of each other. Colman lightens up the dour show, including when Sonya captures Dr. Dalton’s bodysnatcher and makes a joke about how Skrull men are just like human men.

“If he’s not gaslighting you, he’s threatening you with murder. It’s what all the podcasts are about,” she quips about the Skrull guarding the fake Dr. Dalton. 

Secret Invasion is far more enjoyable when it’s NOT trying to pretend it’s a prestige drama about Fury. 

That said, the scene where Priscilla helps G’iah give her dad his funeral rites is pretty moving. G’iah has managed to be a compelling character thanks to her complicated relationship with her dad and now we’ll see if she follows his legacy like Fury encourages her to do. 

With only one episode left it’s hard to not think an anticlimactic ending is inevitable.