Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura from Lost in Translation

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 – Episode 6 Review: “Lost in Translation”

Nyota Uhura takes center stage in this episode and gets help from a new friend. Paul Wesley returns to guest star as James T. Kirk and meets Uhura for the first time. Uhura is experiencing some odd things on the USS Enterprise, but is there more going on here? “Lost in Translation” brings tension and, at times, horror elements to Strange New World.

Celia Rose Gooding as Nyota Uhura from "Lost in Translation"
Celia Rose Gooding as Nyota Uhura from “Lost in Translation”

I remember when they first introduced Uhura during Season One of Strange New Worlds. I immediately thought that these were big shoes that had to be filled. Uhura is an iconic character that has been around for a long time. However, I was giving them the benefit of the doubt because they must have had a reason for including her in the series. Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura stands out when she can take center stage. “Lost in Translation” allows Gooding to dive deeper into Uhura and discover a new species trying to communicate with her.

This part of the story starts with Uhura admitting she hasn’t been sleeping well with Captain Pike. This later ties into her thinking maybe something is wrong with her or just trying to explain what is happening to her. After the mission has started, everything takes a turn towards the unknown. Uhura is in a hallway working and watching an instruction video with a former crew member, Hemmer, who died in Season One. As she enters an elevator, she then briefly witnesses him as a zombie. This begins Uhura’s journey into madness, if you will.

Celia Rose Gooding & Paul Wesley as Nyota Uhura & James T. Kirk from "Lost in Translation"
Celia Rose Gooding & Paul Wesley as Nyota Uhura & James T. Kirk from “Lost in Translation”

As Uhura continues questioning what is happening to her, she meets Kirk for the first time while he is visiting the Enterprise. The rest of the crew begins to experience things but is unaware of what is causing it. We learn that someone else was experiencing what Uhura is currently going through, and it didn’t end well for him. Kirk thankfully helps Uhura out while she is trying to get to the bottom of the noises and visions she is having. Gooding’s Uhura can expand into some emotional territories we haven’t seen from her in the series.

Uhura finally discovers that what is happening isn’t as scary as it seems. The USS Enterprise’s mission was essentially killing them, and they were trying to communicate to Uhura to warn her of what was happening. The conclusion of this storyline gives fans of the Original Series something special. Uhura finally can relax and sits down with Kirk to chat in the bar area of the ship. Spock also joins in, giving us a glimpse of the classic series. I didn’t expect this storyline of visions and craziness to lead Uhura to meet Kirk, forming that relationship we see later. I should have known we would get teases of Star Trek: The Original Series in here at some point.

Jess Bush as Christine Chapel from "Lost in Translation"
Jess Bush as Christine Chapel from “Lost in Translation”

Another storyline we briefly follow is Chapel and Spock trying to navigate this new relationship they are currently in. I didn’t expect the series to dive into continuing this after focusing on this romance last week, but only having ten episodes per season, we have to keep moving. It is still strange to see Spock in a relationship, or at least how they present it here. However, he deserves someone, and it seems Chapel likes him precisely as he is. I’m curious how they will write them as we know later; the dynamic between them is fascinating.

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