Anthony Starr as Homelander in Gen V
Antony Starr (Homelander)

Gen V Season 1 Review: How the spin-off will ripple into The Boys

The future of Gen V, the spin-off series of The Boys, has already been secured. Before the show even reached its season finale, Amazon Studios announced a renewal for season 2. Most recently, Eric Kripke (The Boys show-runner) and Michele Fazekas (Gen V co-show-runner) gave an interview to Variety about the interconnectivity of these series.

It was revealed that The Boys season 4 will pick up mere days after the events of Gen V season 1. The storytelling possibilities are plentiful.

Disclaimer: Spoiler alert for Gen V season 1.

Claudia Doumit (Victoria Neuman)

Victoria Neuman & The Virus

At the end of episode 7, Victoria Neuman took control of the only known sample of the Supe virus created in The Woods. Having exploded the head of Dr. Cardosa, Neuman has all but ensured that the Vought corporation will not have access to the virus.

However, Neuman is known to be a dangerous Supe by both The Boys and the Gen V teams. Hughie witnessed her murder an old childhood friend of hers in season 3. Neuman revealed herself to Marie as a fellow Bloodbender.

This is far from the last time this virus will be in play…

Antony Starr (Homelander)

Homelander v Marie

When Homelander arrived to break up the violent mayhem at Godolkin university, he was quick to blame Marie for everything and lasered her. The fact that Marie is somehow STILL ALIVE with little to no injuries after being lasered by Homelander? It’s no wonder that many adults have been talking about the untapped potential of her powers.

Marie, Emma, Jordan, and Andre have been taken captive and are imprisoned at the end of season one. Cate and Sam are being propagandised as ‘heroes’ from the school’s conflict. There is every possibility of any of those characters bleeding into their parent show at some point. Marie in particular could be an integral figure to helping to finally defeat Homelander…

Karl Urban (Billy Butcher)

Butcher in The Woods

The mid-credits scene of the season finale showed Billy Butcher showing up to The Woods. How he came to learn of it remains to be seen. Nevertheless, this fits seamlessly into the words from Eric Kripke about the virus being in play for The Boys season 4.

Butcher has had a complicated trajectory with being a parental figure to both Hughie and Ryan. Perhaps the third time will be the charm. If he and the other Boys are able to investigate the nefarious ongoings at Godolkin university, they could be the ones to help the captured students break out.

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