DC Power 2024 black history month comics

Nubia, John Stewart, Duke Thomas and Other Black Heroes Get the Spotlight in DC POWER 2024

Last fall, DC Comics announced that DC Power, featuring some of DC’s Black superheroes and vigilantes, was coming back this year. We’ve got details on characters, stories, and new art to check out.

What’s coming for DC Power 2024 anthology:

  • a Green Lantern story by NK Jemisin and Jamal Campbell (the Far Sector team reunites),
  • a continuation of a Duke Thomas story by Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph,
  • the return of Crispus Allen by Shawn Martinbrough and Tony Akins,
  • a Black Manta feature by Deron Bennett and Denys Cowan,
  • a spotlight on Thunder and Lightning aka Anissa and Jennifer Pierce by Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Asiah Fulmore,
  • a Bloodwynd history lesson by Lamar Giles and Sean Damien Hill,
  • a story about Earth-2’s Superman by John Ridley and Edwin Galmon,
  • a fun Nubia story by Alitha Martinez,
  • Kid Flash mentoring by Jarrett Williams and Domo Stanton,
  • and a focus on Mister Terrific by Greg Burnham and Jahnoy Lindsay.
DC Power 2024,new variant cover featuring art by celebrated DC artist and Milestone Media co-founder, Denys Cowan. Credit: DC Comics.

This year’s anthology features an introduction from Cyborg writer Morgan Hampton, continuing the tradition of amplifying Black heroes and the Black creators who love to write them. Fans have been clamoring for more Duke Thomas and Nubia stories, so they should be pleased with this year’s line-up.

Although, it’d be preferred to see a lot of these characters headlining their own ongoing series, it’s nice to get a book like this to hold on to for future re-reads.

The new anthology will be available for purchase January 30, 2024 and you can read the 2023 edition on DC Universe Infinite. Kick off this year’s Black History Month with a deep dive into DC’s best and brightest Black heroes, villains, and vigilantes.