THE MANDALORIAN Feature Film – Concept Art courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd. ©2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.

The Mandalorian Comes To The Big Screen!

Another day, another piece of Star Wars news is here. This news is coming from specifically Star Wars’ official website. The Mandalorian along with Grogu is coming to the big screen soon. Jon Favreau is tasked to direct the film, and honestly, this makes the most sense. Favreau developed and created The Mandalorian, so having him direct the film is a no-brainer. My question is simply this, will it happen? We have heard many different movies and TV news from Lucasfilm, but many announcements don’t end up happening.

The Mandalorian with Grogu - Art released by Lucasfilm
The Mandalorian with Grogu – Art released by Lucasfilm

I am interested in seeing these two in a film, but will this work for these characters we have only seen on TV? I feel it won’t be too jarring, but maybe the next story Favreau wants to tell makes more sense in a film format. We also have no confirmation on Pedro Pascal’s involvement at this time, but that shouldn’t be questioned. Pascal will be back to voice the character, and if need be, also on set for any no-helmet scenes. Unless we hear anything different, he will be back as our favorite space cowboy.

We also got an official announcement that Dave Filoni is working on Ahsoka season two, which comes as no surprise. Ahsoka was overall a strong show for Disney+, so making more makes sense to me. I hope Lucasfilm sticks with their announcements, because I’m tired of news dropping from them, and it ends up not happening. I love Star Wars, and I want this franchise to continue to succeed.