Invincible Funeral

Invincible Season 2 Episode 6 – “IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE”

After a massive return last week with an insane episode. Invincible is picking right up right where we left off, and we have a lot to cover this week. There are some surprises, and more setup for what’s to come the rest of this season, and three too. This series is proving with each episode that it knows how to manage all these characters. We are starting with a massive spoiler, so if you haven’t watched Episode 6. I advise you to click away and come back when you have.

Many heroes/characters at Dupli-Kate's Funeral
Many heroes/characters at Dupli-Kate’s Funeral

Last week showed presumably the death of Dupli-Kate, but maybe there was a twist coming? Shrinking Rae was presumed dead, but she somehow survived. I was in shock, I didn’t expect her to still be alive after what happened to her. She won’t be out of recovery for a while, but she is still with us. Dupli-Kate however, is gone. Seeing Immortal broken, and leading the funeral was the right decision. Even though I complained earlier in this season that their relationship felt forced, and random. It was all setting up this moment, I never read the comics so I was unaware this happened to her. I don’t believe she will come back, and she shouldn’t. Death needs to be permanent. If not, then there are no stakes on the show.

Also surprising is that Rex survived a bullet to the head. I didn’t expect the gun to go off, but it does. It was brutal to see him somehow still functioning after being shot. He lost his hand too and is recovering surprisingly well. Eve has been helping him, and spending time with him. I think this was a lesson to better prepare for when the team is separated because I bet what happened to Rex and they wouldn’t have happened if the rest of the team had been there. I also didn’t expect the Lizard League to be as brutal as they were. It felt like they were goof villains, not a threat. Boy, was I wrong about that.

Atom Eve & Rudy infected by Sequids
Atom Eve & Rudy infected by Sequids

The Sequid storyline also continues but does wrap up quickly. Well, at least we think it does. This shot above was a big moment in the marketing, but it wasn’t a major story point. I wish we had some of the team infected longer than a few seconds. It would have made it more impactful. Towards the end of the episode, the astronaut that was saved from the infestation throws up a Sequid still alive. Implying this storyline isn’t done. Will it continue next week, or will we have to wait till the finale of Season 2? This show keeps us on our toes, so who knows for sure what to expect.

We will get to Mark & Amber’s relationship issues in a minute. Another major moment is when Mark finds his father’s books. They aren’t journals like I predicted, but Sci-Fi novels he wrote years back. After doing some research, and talking to Allen the Alien, they discover the books are based on real life. That Omni-Man was spelling out how to hurt Viltrumites within these stories. Mark understandably doesn’t want to go with Allen at this time, but he can take what was written by Omni-Man. Mark is trying to juggle so many things. Being Invincible, a boyfriend, a son, and college. This was just bad timing for Allen to show up. I’m glad we are getting movement on fighting back against the Viltrumites.

Amber & Mark from Invincible
Amber & Mark from Invincible

Mark & Amber’s relationship has been complicated. She knows he has to leave at any point, and who knows when he will be back. We see Mark & Amber go to different people for advice on what to do. I understand both points they are making, and the struggle it is for this relationship to work. How this episode concludes for them, and how it’s played out so far. I don’t personally see them continuing. They can try, but she can’t reveal his secret to people who ask where he is, and he can’t control when he leaves. I think this is setting up Mark & Eve, as they both understand the struggles of being a hero today.

We also get brief glimpses at Omni-Man in a prison out in space. He doesn’t speak as he is being ridiculed for turning on his people. I think this is just setting up more of an appearance in next week’s episode. He is just taking the abuse he is getting. We also get a mid-credit scene of Angstrom preparing for something, getting a suit fitted. I assume he is heading to Mark, but not sure. He also seems for a moment to walk through The Walking Dead universe. I’m ready to see more of him, trying to be patient. Invincible knows how to give us what we want, but also hold back too.

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