Multiverse Of Color Presents The Showrunner Whisperer

MoC Presents: The Showrunner Whisperer

To celebrate the official one-year anniversary of the launch of Multiverse of Color (formerly known as The Marvel Report,) we at Multiverse of Color are extremely proud to announce the website’s first Original Podcast: The Showrunner Whisperer!

Hosted by Multiverse of Color editor-in-chief Andy Behbakht (Senior Writer/Interviewer at Screen Rant, Host/Producer of The Flash Podcast,) The Showrunner Whisperer is a new entertainment industry show that takes you inside the minds of television showrunners in Hollywood behind your favorite TV shows and what goes into the job of a showrunner. 

On this prequel installment of The Showrunner Whisperer, Andy introduces himself to new listeners, how this new show, which was put into development all the way back in August 2022, came about as part of Multiverse of Color, and what fans will be able to look forward to as several episodes have already been recorded with various showrunners. Join The Showrunner Whisperer starting on Wednesday, March 20, and be sure to follow and subscribe to the show through the links below!

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