My Adventures With Superman Showrunner On Show's Future Following DC Studios' DC Universe Causing Superman & Lois' Cancellation

EXCLUSIVE: My Adventures With Superman Showrunner On Show’s Future Following DC Studios’ DC Universe Causing Superman & Lois’ Cancellation

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With Superman & Lois being canceled after season 4, a lot of fear and questions have been raised about other shows, including My Adventures with Superman. The CW’s President of Entertainment, Brad Schwartz, spoke about its cancelation and said in an exclusive interview with The Wrap: “They [Warner Bros. Discovery] don’t want a competing Superman product in the marketplace.”

This has raised some concerns regarding the future of My Adventures with Superman because it is also a Superman product. However, showrunner Jake Wyatt has a lot of optimism for what the future holds for the series. In the latest episode of The Showrunner Whisperer (exclusively produced by Multiverse of Color,) Wyatt was the featured showrunner as he got asked about the show’s future following what happened to Superman & Lois.

I don’t know if you have been following some of the news about Superman & Lois on The CW, but we heard the cause of the show coming to an end this season is because of Warner Bros. not wanting to have a competitive Superman product in the marketplace as we know, James Gunn’s DC Universe is coming up. How safe do you guys feel in all of this?

Jake Wyatt: So, I have had no meetings with Mr. Gunn, but I have heard through the studio apparatus that he’s been very supportive of our show and I’m very grateful for that.

Wyatt also shared that “Brendan [Clogher] and I have written outlines for [seasons] 3 and 4. They have been creatively approved. I cannot discuss whether they have been greenlit.”

While there is no official confirmation for My Adventures with Superman seasons 3 and 4 being greenlit, there seems to be a lot of optimism with the team behind the series that they will get made after being creatively approved. With My Adventures with Superman season 2 premiering the first two episodes tonight at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim, answers will likely be given in the coming weeks once they get closer to the season finale.

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