My Adventures with Superman Season 2 – Episodes 1 and 2: “More Things in Heaven and Earth” / “Adventures with My Girlfriend”

In this episode of Supergirl Radio, Morgan Glennon and Rebecca Johnson discuss the first and second episodes of My Adventures With Superman Season 2!

  • Episode Description of “More Things in Heaven and Earth“:
    • Clark agonizes over what to do for his and Lois’ first Valentine’s Day…until visions of his father lead him, Jimmy and Lois to the remains of his Spaceship and the new villains of Task Force X!
  • Episode Description of “Adventures with My Girlfriend“:
    • While Perry saddles Jimmy with a new “team” to run Flamebird, Clark and Lois investigate Stryker Penitentiary — and discover just how far Amanda Waller will go to rid the world of Superman!

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