Marvel Title Relaunches Put Ladies Front and Center

PEOPLE Magazine snagged a sneak peek at a few covers for Marvel’s upcoming title relaunches—title relaunches that put Marvel ladies front and center.

(Courtesy PEOPLE)

If you’ve been following Marvel Comics lately, you know all about the switch. Seventeen— count ’em, seventeen—of Marvel’s current titles star women, which is a very big deal in an industry as traditionally bro-heavy as comic books. And unlike the super girls of yesteryear, these women don’t stand on the sidelines in skintight wisps, pointing at the bad guys while their dude counterparts charge into battle.

Instead, you’ve got heroes like Spider-Gwen, who hails from a world in which it was Gwen Stacy—not Peter Parker—who was bitten by a radioactive spider; Wolverine, starring Logan’s similarly mutated clone, Laura; The Mighty Thor, in which Thor’s longtime squeeze Jane Foster wields his hammer Mjolnir; and The A-Force, an Avengers team entirely made up of badass women.

(Courtesy PEOPLE)

You can check out all the covers over at PEOPLEAnd if you want to learn more about these women, head over to or check out Buzzfeed’s recent exploration of the new surge of female-led comic titles at Marvel.