International Iron Man Among Five New Marvel Comics

Iron Man is set to star in his second solo series, as International Iron Man was officially announced at the retailer summit held in advance of this weekend’s MCM London Comic Con. Tony Stark continues to get the A-list treatment with the creative team of Brian Bendis, and Alex Maleev on creative duties. Bendis has been Marvel’s go to writer for over a decade, and this series serves not only a second Iron Man series for him, but also a reunion with the artist that helped cement his place atop Marvel. From 2001-2006 Bendis and Maleev gave readers an all time great run on Daredevil. Since then they have worked together on titles such as Spider-Woman, and Moon Knight. One of the best creative duos of the past fifteen years working together on Marvel’s biggest character makes this series one to get excited for.

Iron Man wasn’t the only major character with a new title announced. The Punisher is back in a new series by Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillon. Cloonan is more widely known for her art, but she has proven to be a double threat with her work as writer on the critically acclaimed Gotham Academy for DC. Cloonan is joined by the great Steve Dillon, who is no stranger to Frank Castle. Over the years Dillon has worked magic on The Punisher with writers such as Garth Ennis and Jason Aaron.

The Squadron Supreme is also getting a little love with two of their members receiving the solo treatment. Nighthawk will be written by David Walker (Cyborg, Power Man & Iron Fist) with an artist to be announced later. Novelist, and Star Wars: Aftermath author Chuck Wendig will be joined by 1872 artist Nik Virella on a new Hyperion series. The Squadron Supreme started out as an analogue for DC’s Justice League, and have seen many iterations over the years. This is at the crux of the new team, as each member finds themselves as the lone survivor of separate Pre-Secret Wars Universes. Nighthawk, whose title character is the Batman analogue, features the version of the character from J. Michael Straczynski’s Supreme Power. Hyperion, the Squadron’s “Superman” will be the same character featured in Jonathan Hickman’s instant classic Avengers run.

Finally, Max Bemis, best known as the lead singer of the band Say Anything, will be joined by Michael Walsh (Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra) on X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever. Bemis may be best known for his music, but over the past few years he has shown that he knows his way around a comic book. He has done several critically acclaimed miniseries for BOOM Studios, and had a story features in Marvel’s A+X anthology series. “Worst X-Man Ever” will begin as digital first series in December before making the leap to print in 2016.

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