Legends of Tomorrow Podcast – Episode 8: Firestorm

For our eighth episode of the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, co-hosts Kat Calamia and Gregg Katzman are joined by Shag – founder of the website Firestorm Fan – to discuss Firestorm! The powerful hero has quite a rich mythos in the comics, so Shag shares his vast knowledge of the character and offers some reading recommendations! Thanks to him, you’ll feel like a Firestorm expert after this episode, and you’ll know exactly which comics you should check out before Legends of Tomorrow airs!

The three fans have an extensive talk about Firestorm’s role in The CW-verse and then speculate what could happen with the character moving forward. Yes, that means there are SPOILERS from The Flash season 2 premiere in this episode, as well as talk about the upcoming character Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh). The trio also shares their thoughts on the season 4 premiere of Arrow!

In case you missed it, Kat attended this year’s New York Comic Con and she interviewed the cast of Legends of Tomorrow! Watch all of the fun and informative interviews HERE.

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