NYCC: Spider-Women Reunite In 2016

Today during the “All-New All Different” panel at New York Comic Con, Marvel announced a Spider-Women crossover for 2016. The event will kick off with Spider-Women #1, run through Spider-Woman, Silk, and Spider-Gwen before concluding in Spider-Women #2.

The story appears to serve as a spiritual sequel to Spider-Verse, as the dimensional hopping continues with Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), and Cindy Moon (Silk) finding themselves in Spider-Gwen’s home dimension trying to make their way home.

In in an interview with Comic Book Resources writer Jason Latour, who will be co-writing the event along with fellow writers Dennis Hopeless and Robbie Thompson, noted that the crossover would run eight issues

“I believe the story will last eight issues; two issues each for every title and “Spider-Woman” #1-2 as book ends.”

This is the second “Family” wide crossover announced this weekend, following yesterday’s unveiling of Avengers: Standoff. This style of event  was made popular at Marvel by the X-Men events of the nineties, and allow for big stories to be told in their own corners of the Marvel Universe. The most recent example of a story told in this way it this year’s Guardians of The Galaxy/X-Men crossover, The Black Vortex. 

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